As of May 2015, the average salary of a senior security analyst was $61,090.

Senior security analyst are the highest paid people who work in security or intelligence. While most security analysts make less than $40K, we found that the average salary for senior security analyst is just over $62K. While the $62K is likely to be a little more than what you would expect for someone who is considered a “senior”, it is still a great salary.

The median salary for the sector is probably just over 40K. While there are many people who have been working for very long, they are also not the only ones making huge incomes. It takes a lot of the uncertainty out of the equation, which can help to keep people honest. We were surprised at how much we were underpaid, but as we said, a senior analyst may be able to retire at 62K.

While the median income for the sector is probably a little over 40K, the senior analyst is the top earning position in the industry. It has been estimated that a senior analyst (who is in his 60s) makes up to 62K a year.

So far we’ve only seen the top-earning senior analysts at a couple of tech companies and the senior security analyst at a large financial firm. The market is so saturated that our current data comes from both the top and bottom. In the top 25 percentile, the median is 55K, which is only a little more than the current average. In the bottom 25 percentile, the median is 35K, which is only a little less than the current average.

The average senior analyst salary at large tech companies is about 41K a year. The average senior security analyst salary is closer to 35K a year. That’s with the top 20 percent earning upwards of 50K. The average salary for senior analysts at large financial companies is about 31K a year. The average salary for senior security analysts is closer to 22K a year.

The average security analyst earns about the same as the average security guard. In fact, the average security guard earns about a third of the senior analyst salary. In other words, most security analysts earn about the same as the average employee.

I bet you don’t understand this, but there is a huge difference between the security guard and the security analyst job. The security guard is a very safe job. Security guards are generally hired to be able to work in a very safe and secure environment. They are often part of the security company, and they are not allowed to go to the front of the line. They are also typically very well trained, and they are often used as a back-up for the security company.

Security analysts are hired to be able to work in a very risky environment. Security analysts are often hired to be able to do very dangerous things. They are often hired to do things that are not allowed by the security company (like going across the street to a competitor’s offices), and they are also often very well trained. They are typically used as a front-line for the security company.

According to the security company, the salary for a senior security analyst is $86,000 a year.