The reason that we can think like that is that we are in a position to take more control over our lives. Even if we get to the point where we don’t have to use every word before we start this, we can still get through this.

Now, most of us know that there are people who are unable to control their thoughts, so we know that they are basically in a state of mental paralysis. But the point is that we can still control our thoughts. We can even control the way in which we think. For example, instead of just thinking about making dinner, we can actually think about making dinner. The key is to think in terms of actions rather than just thoughts.

That’s exactly what we did in our research. We looked at the people who get themselves sick through the coronavirus pandemic and asked them if they could think about making dinner (or any other tasks), and they were able to (and we gave them the tools to do it).

The most important aspect of the coronavirus pandemic is that it has forced us to question ourselves. We can’t just think about things on autopilot. Instead, we have to make decisions based on what we think will work best for us. Think about the steps you would take to help your children get ready for school, or the steps you’d take to make their lunch for them.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to ask ourselves “Is this really what I want to spend my time doing?”. Our job as scientists and leaders has been to figure out the best “solutions to our problems” so that we can continue to live our lives. So what if we are forced to think more about things that are more immediate and less about the future? We can do this by doing small things that won’t make a big difference for our lives in the long run.

This is just one of the many things you can do right now to work for the good of all and the survival of humanity.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for what you’re doing. The good news is that many of my friends who are already doing this have seen that the world isn’t going to end when we all go to sleep, but it is going to end when they do. If they get sick, are in quarantine, etc., they will eventually die. It’s not a surprise. This is what we know about how the world ends.

That being said, it is the good news that there are countless people in the world who are currently doing the right thing. People who are taking precautions to keep themselves and all their loved ones safe. People who are making sure they have enough supplies for them to survive. These people are doing what they know is right. They are doing what is safest for their own survival.

It’s a nice idea, but there are so many things that could be done to prevent people from getting sick, so I suggest you do the best that you can. If you’re not in quarantine, you’re in the dark.

This is the most important advice you can give to your fellow-citizen-citizen friends.