The Mercado Rodriguez in Mexico City is a modern, contemporary, and modern-inspired shopping center that is both welcoming and inviting. The center is a blend of the old and new, the art and the architecture. There are restaurants, shops, bars, a nightlife, and much more.

This is one of the very few shopping centers that has a restaurant, but it’s not a typical Mexican establishment. The restaurant has a Mediterranean food style, and has a unique and intriguingly named menu which includes a salad, steak, and even a lobster. The restaurant is one of the few places in the entire city that serves food that is made from scratch. It’s a bit like a take-out place, but more expensive.

Mercado Rodriguez is a great place to just hang out and walk around. It’s the center of the city, and while the city’s main thoroughfares aren’t as beautiful as the streets in other parts of town, they’re still worth a stroll. And with its colorful neon sign, you’ll get a bit of a break from the hectic life of the city.

Mercado Rodriguez is a small, family-run restaurant, and one of the few places in the entire city that serves food that is made from scratch. Its a bit like a take-out place, but more expensive.

I love the idea of a small restaurant that can serve a large menu. Or a small bar, with a wide selection of drinks and snacks. I think this is one of the best places to start.

Mercado Rodriguez is located in the very center of the city, so its a good place to start looking for a spot to eat. As for the drinks, I always prefer a good gin martini for a refreshing drink. That and beer to wash it down.

Mercado Rodriguez is a place where most people go to eat, drink, and stay in the city center. It’s also a great place to hang out in because there are a few good bars that you can go to. But it gets crowded very quickly.

I always like to check out the bars in the center of town so I can find one that has a wide variety of drinks, not just beer. But you can’t really go wrong with one of the bars on either side of the Mercado Rodriguez area. The one on the east side is the best. It has a good variety of martinis, and all sorts of other drinks.

The Mercado Rodriguez is famous for its “drumming” of the food. This is a very good thing because there are a lot of restaurants around that you can go to. The Mercado Rodriguez is also the place where you can get a free drink.

I’m not sure what the name of this place is, and I don’t care, but I have no problem going to Mercado Rodriguez and making a beeline for the bar, because the drinks are good. The one on the west side has the best music, so if you’re looking for music, go to the west side.