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I think this is because Android devices are more likely to come with a search box than a download button. I know my Nexus One does not come with a download button, and it might just be a minor feature that I missed.

The launch of the android beta for Android 4.0 on April 25th has given me enough time to start playing around with the game, as the Android 3.1 release isn’t coming soon. I’ve also tried to use the emulator to launch the PC version, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I think the main problem is that there is no search box in android, but the download button. Some of the other features in the game are also missing, including the ability to import your saved games. A fix is coming in the next few days. The game is now also available for free on the App Store.

When I started playing the Android version of the game, I noticed that it had a search box, and all the other features. It seems to have broken down to something like the same as the iOS game (the android version does not have it). Its a huge step up from the previous version of the game, which was pretty bad. I played a lot of Android games and the game just seemed to lack polish and just feel like it was a big step over last gen.

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