The first time I heard the term “bts” I thought it was some sort of slang for penis. After all, I’ve seen how many people have a bt on their forehead with the middle finger extended and others with bts in the middle of their nose. You would think that would be a rather common occurrence.

I mean, as you can tell by this sentence, I’m no expert on the bts. But I can tell you that bts are a thing in Japan. If you see a bt on anyone’s forehead it’s considered the symbol of respect and pride and so even though you’re no longer wearing bts, you should still feel proud.

Ive seen this before when I was younger. The bts are the symbol of Japan, and they are also a very common symbol on other countries such as Germany and even the USA. But in Japan it is a very clear sign of the respect that a person has for their self. Im sure most of you have seen a person with bts on their forehead. In other words, youve seen a Japanese person with bts on their forehead.

I remember this one myself. I had bts on my forehead for about a year. I was pretty proud of how I carried myself.

I knew, I knew. I had bts on the same forehead as my father.

For more than a year I had bts on the same forehead as my father. This was for a reason. He was a very important person in my life. He was my best friend, and I was the only one who really knew that he had a mental disability and that it may have been hereditary. My father was very proud of his son, and wanted him to carry on the same life path that he did.

If I ever get too depressed and decide I want to kill my dad, I will. I have a feeling we’d be talking about it.

The only way to get your son to the point where he has a mental disability is to show him that he has it. The only way to show him that he has a mental disability is to show him that he has the ability to recognize it. So my dad has had a lot of the same problems as myself for a long time, but now that he got a new computer we can do some things together.

Well, I’m not the one who has problems recognizing it because while I’m still convinced that I have it I can’t prove it. But I will be able to prove it eventually.

My dad is an engineer and he is a little bit different than me, and he is very smart, but he is also very dumb. He is also an atheist who believes in god, not a god of any sort. He’s always had a hard time accepting myself, but now we are friends and I can prove my dad has it. Also, because he is an engineer and I am not, it’s great to have him show me things.