suggestive questions are ones that allow you to get the other person to agree to something by asking questions that lead them to think about something they might want to do, that they are curious about, or that they want to know more about. These questions can be used in a variety of situations from asking a friend if they are free to requesting a date from a stranger. They can also be used in a marriage proposal or during the pre-wedding planning stages of a wedding.

We’ve seen suggestive questions in movies too, but we’ve also seen them used in business situations too. Business owners often use suggestive questions to ask their potential customers to sign a contract or a lease on a new product or service. In this instance, they are asking for feedback on what features and benefits the product/service has to offer. It’s not unusual for a business to ask their potential customers what they would be open to purchasing or using.

A good example is when a restaurant asks their prospective customers what they would like to see in their new restaurant and what kind of food they would want to eat. This leads them to look for more information about the restaurant and its menu to determine what kind of food their customers would prefer to eat.

It is a little bit like the restaurant question we just described though. It isn’t just asking what new features the restaurant has to offer, but rather what new questions they have to ask their customers.

This leads to an interesting discussion about the restaurant’s menu. It’s usually not a good idea to ask your customers what they would like to see on your menu, but it is a good idea to know what they would like to see, since it can lead to more questions. Sometimes the restaurant does have a menu, but it isnt a complete list of everything that is on there.

This leads to another interesting discussion about what sort of questions you should ask and how you should ask them. Though it is certainly not a great idea to ask what your customer wants to see on the menu, it is a good idea to know what sort of questions they would like to ask you. You might ask them what they would like to see on the menu, and why they are interested in what you have on the menu.

I have also heard a few people say that suggestive questions, like “Are you having any leftovers?” or “Do you want to order some hot wings?” are the best sorts of questions to ask. I have to disagree. Suggestive questions like these lead to a lot of weird and creepy responses, and most of us have been there. If you ask something that is a lot of fun to ask, you risk looking weird.

Here is why I don’t like suggestive questions. First, they lead to weird, creepy responses. Second, they cause you to think. I don’t want people to think I am weird, creepy, or think I have no interest in them. I want people to think that I am interested in them and would be happy to talk with them.

I do think that suggestive questions lead to weird and creepy responses. But these are the kinds of _____ leading questions _____ I love. If I am being funny, it is likely I am being kind to them. If I am being serious, it is likely I am being respectful or even a little bit creepy. I want people to think I am being both.

Now that I’ve told you that I love suggestive questions, you may be wondering what that means. Well, it means that I have asked you out and you have said yes.