In today’s world, social media has gained immense popularity around the world. People use, watch and follow social media. Social media has become an integral part of society along with the daily lives of human beings. Therefore, this has given rise to a debate concerning social media and its significance. 

UAE is a progressive country and keeps updating the laws and regulations as per the specification. The laws are specifically designed to meet modern world requirements. Digital Authorities including TRA are held responsible for the management of social media data and related stuff. 

People might think it is beneficial for them, but it also has its setbacks. Social media has its advantages and disadvantages. Social Media is one of the largest platforms where people have the freedom to speak. They can utter what they feel, without any fear.

On the contrary, social media platforms are home to false information and indecent content. Although, in recent years scrutiny has increased to address the issue. Penalties and punishments are given for indecent and false information.

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Furthermore, there are multiple social media campaigns taking place. Media is flooded with posts and promotions. There is a new rule made that the campaigns, posts, and promotions must not contradict. Besides, it must not expose sensitive things or reveal secret information.

UAE is a developed country that is an organized and well-managed country. To discipline and organize the nation, social media mocking is banned. Satire laws exist in the UAE to serve this purpose. 

The Federal Law of the UAE explains the ways to combat the problems associated with social media platforms. This stops the spreading of fake news and false rumors. It curbs cybercrime which is quite common on social media networks and other forms of media.

In UAE any sort of fake news and false news are completely banned. In addition, misleading information and misleading rumors are also not entertained. Misleading slogans, misguiding context, misleading content, fake audio, fake videos, and misguiding campaigns are also prohibited strictly.

In case of a breach, there is an imposition of heavy fines and charges along with detentions and penalties. Henceforth, living in the UAE is easy if you properly follow the laws. A resident of the UAE should be responsible for their actions.

In case of violation of laws, a person may feel imprisoned and detained. For instance, under article 52 law it is said that if anyone is found guilty of spreading false information or fake news on social media platforms he or she shall be sentenced to 1 year in jail along with a fine. The fine is not less than AED 100,000. Here the important point is that there is a punishment of 1 year along with a minimum of AED 100,000.

Moreover, article 52 further states that anyone sharing misleading information, leaking secret facts, publishing confidential information, incorrect reports, building false narratives, false options, spreading rumors, or exploiting the reputation of someone else will lead to at least 1 year of imprisonment in jail. 

The fine is at least AED 100,000 which can go up to AED 200,000 or even more. UAE Laws are strict in this respect to restrict the damages and destruction social media can bring to anyone’s life or peace of mind.