At TEDxMumbai, a talk titled “Pineapple and Pineapples” by Reshma Saujani, PhD, a medical anthropologist and food scientist, explored the impact of pineapple on the human brain. Saujani’s talk was an incredible intro to a topic that resonated with me.

I love the fact that Saujanis talk was more than just a talk. There was a video made of the talk that you can watch here. It is actually kind of a really nice animation.

One of the things I love about the food science research that I do is the variety of the topics that I cover. One of the topics that I cover in my class is the effects of pineapple on the brain. Saujanis talk was about the effects of pineapple on the brain. It was a really cool talk. It was almost like she had a conversation with one of the professors and she ended up talking about pineapple.

Saujanis talks seemed to be a bit more focused on the effects of pineapple on the brain than on the effects of pineapple on the body. She said that she was a student of Dr. James Penman’s, and that he had been the one to show her that pineapple could affect the brain. She said that pineapple should be given to patients who have a seizure disorder, such as epilepsy. She said that it can help a patient whose seizures are getting out of control.

Yes, pineapple can help people with epilepsy. It can cause seizures and epilepsy. It can also make people act like lunatics. So pineapple can be a good thing. Not a bad thing though. It’s just a fact.

A similar thing was said about the effects of a drug called Phenobarbital, which is a hypnotic. As I told you, Phenobarbital, or Phenyl-2-butrol-3-carboxylate, is a barbiturate, which means that it changes the brain chemistry to make the person’s mind more receptive to suggestions.

So the point is that if you’re on the right path, pineapple can make you more receptive to things. It’s only when you’re in the wrong path that you find that you can’t control yourself. When you’re in the wrong path, you can’t control your thoughts or your actions; you just control what you do. If you’re on the right path, you can control yourself and your actions.

That’s exactly what reshma saujani ted talk is about. You can control your thoughts and your actions, because you can control your mind and your actions. But when you get into a bad cycle of thinking and doing, you can’t control anything anymore. Only you can control your mind. This is why it is important to meditate. You should try meditating, just to see what happens.

I like to think of meditation as mental control. As in, meditating to calm my mind, relax my thoughts, or just stop myself from acting out. To do this, I use the practice of deep breathing. Breathe in and out into the space where you’re sitting, and be mindful of your body. You can’t force your mind to do anything; when I practice this, I just stop myself from thinking of anything for a while.

But you can also use this time to do something beneficial. Take a walk, or read a book, or just be quiet and let yourself be. But know that this time is just for you to be present in the present moment. It is not for anything else.