I’m Rebecca Schindler, a stay-at-home-mom who enjoys the world of online dating and has recently become obsessed with Pinterest. I am the co-creator of this blog, and I find that my favorite things are the everyday things that are important to me. I have a passion for beauty, fashion, fashion brands, and the home. I find my blog to be my creative outlet and my outlet to share those beauty and fashion pieces.

I’ve been fascinated with fashion since I was in elementary school. I am a proud member of a club for fashion students in high school (and even though I was pretty into my own kind of fashion, I did not participate). I was pretty rebellious, but my mom told me that if I tried to get into a fashion school, I would go to hell. Still, I was determined to go into a fashion school and learn something in the process.

The goal of my new blog is to make you think. You can post a book or two about fashion and fashion for all the world to read, but you can’t find the material to talk about if you have no idea where to look. That does not sound like the right thing to do, but it’s a great way to start your own fashion blog.

Fashion blogging is a great idea. The only problem is that the fashion blogs that are the most successful are all run by women. They don’t have many men following them, and women who are interested in fashion are much harder to find than men. My blog is a way for me to create a space where I can have a dialogue with other young women interested in being fashion bloggers. If you’re not interested in fashion, then don’t start. That’s my personal rule.

Rebecca Schindler is the latest style blogger to launch her own fashion blog. She says it’s a “great way to start your own fashion blog.” She was kind enough to join us for our interview, so I got to ask her a few questions after she finished up.

Rebecca Schindler is a girl who has really come into her own as a fashion blogger. With her fashion blog, she takes her style seriously, which is refreshing for many people. In fact, having some of the same fashion influences as a lot of the mainstream fashion blogs is one of the things that makes her stand out from other fashion bloggers. She also says that she’s been able to put a lot of pressure on herself to be successful and stand out.

This sounds like a really positive thing to me. I think it’s very important to stand out and create yourself a niche. I don’t think most people realize that they have this sort of pressure to succeed, so I think it’s important to be able to push yourself to your limits.

I personally don’t think that its a perfect fit for this type of fashion blogs, but its very effective to stand out and work your way up in the industry as well as stand out in your own industry. In other words, I think its very hard to get people to stand out in the fashion industry. If you want to stand out, just work harder.

When I was in school, I used to run a blog about fashion, but I noticed a few people don’t like it when I have to write about clothing and fashion for a week or more. I figured I could write about clothing and fashion for a week or so, but I always wonder what the word ‘fashion’ meant.

Fashion refers to the art, design, or style of clothing in any given period. The word was coined in the 15th century as the name for the style of clothing worn by the French and Dutch nobility. The word was also used to describe the style of clothing worn by men and women of the upper class, as well as that worn by the lower class. Fashion is a relatively new term, so the industry has only been around for a few hundred years.