For our first podcast episode we interview some of the folks behind our little site. We get to know them, their work, and their lives.

We start out with Ryan, who works at Razorfish, a new startup that helps businesses find new and creative ways to reach more customers. He explains how Razorfish is a “giant, dumb-ass web design company,” but it has been building a better web through a deep understanding of people and how to reach them.

Some of the other big names we interview are Brian T. Miller, the founder of the startup, Razorfish. He explains how the company is based on simple, humanistic principles. He explains how the company is trying to build a better web by not letting people just do the best they can.

That’s interesting how much of Razorfish’s marketing focuses on not just making their web design look great, but making it work for people. That’s why Razorfish is now launching its own digital magazine, where they’ll be giving away free stuff to their customers.

Razorfish is a startup that is built on the idea that you should care about your web design. They want to make sure that if you want a great web design, you dont have to rely on a big company to do it for you.

You can go to any of the sites on this list and get a free copy of Razorfish, and you can also use the coupon code “Razorfish” for 15% off your Razorfish purchases. Razorfish has been around since 2005, but as of right now is only offering their web design and marketing services. If they ever want to expand into other areas, we’ll be sure to let them know.

Razorfish is the best of the bunch. I know you all have been asking about this for a long time, but this is my favorite. I get a kick out of their design and the great prices.

If you like their products, it’s a great company and I’d recommend it to anyone. (They also hire a ton of awesome designers.

The Razorfish design is great. I love the sleek and clean, yet bold, look of their website. The design is very nice and sleek, and their price is also great.

Razorfish is one of those companies that does design services on a very large scale. The guys behind Razorfish are very skilled at creating custom websites. They also do an awesome job with responsive designs. They are extremely passionate about what they create and do so with a professional demeanor. I have always really liked their website as well and love the fact that they build so many cool designs for their customers.