We can’t ignore the fact that tech is the future, and that it might be hard to believe that we are already living in a time where we are no longer driving around in cars made by a company that is based on a philosophy of self-driving cars. We’ve got drones working in our skies, high-speed internet access, and smart phones.

We all know that the world has changed, and not just in terms of technology. But we are also living in a time of constant technological development. But what if it was possible to re-imagine the way we use technology as a way to empower ourselves.

Its a scary thought. If the idea of autonomous cars is something that has you worried, then I can help you out. I wrote a research paper that proposed that we would be able to re-imagine our current mode of transportation (car) as a new form of transportation that would be powered by our brains. This would allow for a reduction in carbon emission and would enable us to use less energy to get around.

This is a scary and potentially scary thought, but actually the idea of the brain as a supercomputer is nothing new. I think it was a scientific idea in the late 1960’s that was used to predict the future. I remember reading something about it back in the late 60’s, and I remember thinking “I wish this would work today.” I think the point of this paper was to show the connection between technology and our brains.

So why would there be a connection? Well the human brain, as we know it, is made of about 10 trillion nerve cells. And each of those is connected to a different part of the body. The brain uses all these connections to process information. So imagine if the brain could just read out the information in a very small area and then send it to the rest of the body.

But the connection is not the brain. Think of it as a computer chip making a digital connection to its motherboard and body. That’s what computers do and they’re made in the same way the brain is, using all those same connections to process information, just like the human brain does.

The idea here is that we could eventually be reading out all the information in a very small area of the world in a very big and slow computer, and then sending it to the entire human body. Thats pretty neat actually. We could read out all this information and send it to our brains and we could have access to it for real. I think that would be really cool, because we already have that now.

For a while, I was pretty sure that the mind was just a black box in the brain, but I had to admit that was a bit of a stretch. A lot of current research in neuroscience is finding that the brain is a lot more complex than we thought and that our brains are made up of different systems that work together.

All this technology is going to do is make our brains more connected. It’ll help us learn faster, remember more, and think more creatively. Think about it: If we had a way to access all of this information, all of our brains would come alive.

Sounds like we’re having a bit of a Brain Explosion right there. You’re only in the brain for two minutes, and you’re creating something that will change the world.