This is one of those statements that I have heard countless times. “You’re just defending yourself,” is an expression that never seems to go the other way. Whether it is from a person who is trying to get your attention, or a person trying to defend their own life through intimidation.

The point here is that you don’t want to try to defend yourself. Sure, you might not want to do it on purpose, but it doesn’t mean you should. You don’t want to engage in an argument with someone who is trying to cause you harm. You don’t want to be the one who is attacked. Theres no excuse for being rude to someone because its not your intention to hurt them.

I know, I know, you dont want to be rude, but you also dont want to be an asshole. You dont want to be rude for any reason. That was the point of this post though, not to discuss if you should or shouldnt be rude. But I do think that when you are rude, you may be acting on impulse. And when you act on impulse, you may be acting out of pride. But that’s just a side thought.

There is a line between being rude and being an asshole. Being rude is a sign of disrespect and I think that many people forget that. The person who is rude is also disrespectful. Which is why you should never ever ever ever ever make a comment that you know you will be criticized or mocked for. If you ever do, you know exactly what will happen. Someone will laugh at you. They will call you a wuss. They will poke fun at your appearance.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of this, you have a choice. You can make a statement that you are standing up for yourself or you can make a statement that you are standing up for someone else. A statement that makes you stand up for yourself is a statement that you are standing up for someone else. The former is a sign of pride and the latter is a sign of respect, and that is the same thing.

It’s not always easy to do, but when it’s done, it’s always better to be the one doing it. If you are the recipient of disrespect, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate it and to acknowledge how it affects you. It’s worth standing up for people you find difficult. It’s worth standing up for those who do not deserve it. It’s worth standing up for your friends and family. All it takes is a few seconds of self awareness.

If you ever find yourself getting beaten up by a stranger, whether it be a friend, a family member, or a complete stranger, take a moment to apologize and say that you are sorry, and to thank them for their concern. It shows respect and it makes things right. It shows you care.

We’ve all had people we know and love get pissed at us on the street. It happens every day. And it happens again and again. What’s the point? Standing up for yourself and showing people respect is great, but doing it on the street is an indicator that you should probably get your shit together.

Yes, this is a common topic for a lot of people. In general, it means that you’re a good person and that you care. It also means that you’re a good person and you don’t want anyone getting their feelings hurt. In this respect, I think defending yourself is a great idea, but you can’t do this on the street. Not with the world watching.

You have to be able to defend yourself in the real world. It is just as important. In the real world, we all have to make sure we are respected. In this case, I dont think that being a bit more respectful on the street would be a good idea. Especially when our real friends and family are not around to give us the respect we need.