Mia Zschocke is leaving Borussia Dortmund behind and joining Norwegian first division team Storhamar Handball Elite. In an unexpected twist, go to 22Bet promotions and bonuses  and bet on your favorite athlete.

On the club’s own Twitter account, the 24-year-old is already shown wearing the jersey of the four-time Norwegian runner-up. In this regard, Zschocke is quoted as saying, “Everything here suits me very well.”

As reported by DPA, the back-row player could even start for her new club in the Champions League as early as Friday if she is given a quick international release.

“I have the feeling that there is a very healthy environment here,” Zschocke said on the club’s website. “Everything here suits me very well, and that’s the reason why I decided to play in Storhamar.” 

In addition, she said she already has an acquaintance on the team in Tina Abdulla, who can help her get acclimated. Last season, they played together for Dortmund in the Handball Bundesliga. “We only played together for a year, but we became best friends,” said Zschocke, who also asked Abdulla about Storhamar.

The move from Dortmund to Norway, however, was accompanied by some discord. Together with Amelie Berger, she filed for termination without notice. In this process, they also involved the newly founded contact point for violence and abuse in top-class sports ‘Anlauf Gegen Gewalt’.

BVB department head Andreas Heiermann confirmed the termination, but first said, “We have no knowledge of the content, which speaks for a termination without notice, and have therefore objected to the termination so that the employment contract remains valid for us.” At this point, speculation had arisen about possible misconduct on the part of André Fuhr.

Only a few days later, the termination was granted after all. “We grant the terminations. You can’t stop travelers,” Heiermann explained in response to a DPA inquiry. In addition, the separation of Coach Fuhr was also made public shortly thereafter.

In this context, however, those responsible emphasized, “The decision to release André Fuhr is expressly not associated with a prejudgement.” In the background, the club will continue to work on clarifying the allegations against the 51-year-old.