It is undeniable that children enjoy parties. However, preparing for this special occasion for our little ones can be stressful due to the budget and the selection of party themes. So, before you spend the entire night pondering what to do for the upcoming event, we have some good news for you. In this article, we will share some amusing and brilliant party hacks that we’re confident every kid on the block will enjoy. Furthermore, these tips are very cost-effective, so you will kill two birds with one stone if you continue reading this selection.

Genius Hacks for Kids’ Birthday

Invest in Balloons

When kids see balloons at birthday parties, they have a new level of fun, so if you want to bring out that pure happiness, invest in it. Furthermore, there are numerous ways to decorate with balloons, such as creating a welcome arc, turning it upside down, or using it as an alternative to a piñata. Don’t worry; these decorations are so inexpensive that you can get a dozen for less than a dollar. You can also paint them or make a character out of them. Similarly, wholesale balloons are available at your local stores, where you can save money even if you buy in bulk. You can save any leftovers for your next big event.

Make DIY Loot Bags

Another thing you can do to keep your child’s party inexpensive but memorable is to make your loot bags. You can also choose which candies, toys, and art supplies to include in the gift bags. Sure, many ready-made ones are on the market, but selecting the items yourself is preferable. Choosing what to give your guests is also a form of bonding for you and your children. If you only have a few partygoers, you can have a customized fruit basket or art bags to hand out during the event.

Make Use of  Washi Tapes as Decorations

You can use washi tapes for more than just scrapbooking decorations; you can also use them for birthday decorations. You can utilize washi tape to embellish your cups and paper plates, as well as your utensils and DIY photo booth. These items are also reasonably priced and will not break the bank. You can also experiment with making your gift bags with these decorations. Washi tapes are so versatile that you can use them as additional adornment for your special events.

Colored-Paper Backdrop

Because the party backdrop is the focal point of your decoration, you must ensure that it captures everyone’s attention. Create your colored paper backdrop in a geometrical sequence for a more professional look. It is not expensive, and you can quickly obtain the necessary supplies at a local bookstore. Furthermore, putting it together will not take much of your time because you will only pattern the colored paper like floor tiles and place it randomly, then tape or glue it to large cardboard or white piece of cloth to keep it in place for the duration of the party. Then, finish by decorating the upper backdrop with balloons.

Bake Your Cake

Making your child’s birthday cake is one of the best things you can do if you can bake it simply because you know what your child enjoys and can adorn it with fantastic toppers such as those cartoon characters. This cake is full of love, which your child will acknowledge on their special day.

Create Edible Bowls

For your ice cream and other desserts, you can make edible bowls. This food innovation will undoubtedly appeal to children who enjoy almost everything sweet, especially if you put colorful sprinkles in it.


These party hacks we shared are all inexpensive and will help you plan a memorable birthday party for your children. We are convinced that if you follow our advice, you will be able to arrange a special event for your little ones.