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It’s 4 days into 2022 and I’ve already booked a ticket to Azerbaijan with plans of traveling onwards throughout the Caucacus. It’s one of my dream trips and I’m finally making it happen this year. This year, I really want to focus on traveling to more unique places. Because the last thing the travel blogosphere needs is another Santorini sunset.

So move over, Insta-famous Mykonos, Morocco, and Barcelona. That’s so 2017. I asked 18 travel bloggers to share their unique, alternative ideas for 2022 travel that you probably don’t already have on your bucket list. And holy hell did they ever deliver – I’m practically frothing at the mouth with wanderlust. Need any more 2018 inspiration? Check out these other 37 unique destinations!

So tell me in the comments – did you add any new places to your travel wishlist?


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By Stephanie Craig of History Fangirl

If you’re looking for sun-soaked blue and white buildings, turquoise Mediterranean beaches, and fantastic ancient ruins, most will think they need to head to Greece. However, there’s a more interesting (and much less touristed) option: Tunisia!

Tunisia used to be a favorite beach holiday for Brits, but it declined sharply after the Arab Spring and a handful of terrorist incidents in 2015. Since then, the UK and Tunisian governments have worked together to combat terrorism, and there have been no incidents targeting foreigners during this time. However, the beaches have yet to fill up, making this an exotic and safe alternative to Greece, Morocco, and Egypt.

Beyond the beaches, Tunisia is an amazing destination for cultural travel. The country has eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Roman cities, Islamic holy sites, and ancient medinas. For history lovers, the cities of Carthage is a must-see, along with the better-preserved Punic city of Kerkouane. One of the best-kept Tunisian secrets is the white-and-blue city of Sidi Bou Said. Located only twenty kilometers outside of Tunis (accessible via train), it has inspired artists, philosophers, and tourists alike.

Check out Tunisia before the rest of the world catches on to this Mediterranean gem.


Not many destinations evoke feelings of wanderlust quite like Bhutan. Often hailed as “the last Shangri-La”, Bhutan is a unique destination that deservedly tops many travelers’ bucket lists.

Instead of only focusing on economic growth through GDP, Bhutan instead monitors Gross National Happiness (GNH). Basically, this means any Bhutanese policy has to be to the benefit of its people. Free education and free healthcare, both funded by money from tourism, are but two examples of GNH in action.

Bhutan is also remarkable in its determination to preserve its heritage, culture, and traditions. Buildings adhere to certain aesthetic codes, making driving through the countryside a feast for the eyes. Throughout the year, festivals are held to showcase and preserve Bhutanese traditions, such as the Royal Highlander Festival in Laya. Most locals still don traditional Bhutanese dress each day; gho (for men), or kira (for women). Add hundreds of well-preserved temples, forts, and monasteries, and you can get an idea about why Bhutan is so coveted as a travel destination.

Travelers to Bhutan can immerse themselves in rich Buddhist culture and history, but the country offers more than just pretty buildings and outfits. With more than 60% of its landmass covered in forest and many Himalayan peaks, Bhutan is a nature lover’s paradise. No matter what type of traveler you are, Bhutan is sure to strike your fancy.


There’s simply no other place in the world like Zanzibar. This archipelago off the east coast of Tanzania is a treasure trove of beauty, from the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean to the multi-ethnic influences found in the region’s cuisine and architecture.

Beaches like Nungwi and Kiwengwa are a tropical paradise, where snorkelers will find a spectacular, colorful underwater world of marine life. Then there’s Chumbe Island, a private nature reserve and the top snorkeling destination in Zanzibar and arguably all of East Africa.

Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Zanzibar City, is just as ravishing — in a different way. Between the cobblestoned streets and the waterfront, you’ll find a mix of African, Arab, Indian and European influences. You’ll hear the Muslim call to prayer and the chime of Hindu bells. You’ll marvel at the textures and details carved into the buildings, notably the famous giant Zanzibari doors. As for the cuisine, it’s just divine. Food in Zanzibar makes use of the abundant spices sourced from the region’s many spice plantations that make a worthy day trip for foodies.


I think a place that everyone should be putting at the top of their 2018 travel list is Kazakhstan.  Finally shedding an undeserved, decade-long reputation from a movie filmed in Romania, this Central Asian country has dropped required visas for many nationalities, built a little tourism infrastructure, and even added flight routes that can take you from Budapest, Hungary to Astana, Kazakhstan for less than $70 round trip.

Interestingly enough, many people don’t realize how diverse Kazakhstan is when it comes to nature and its people.  In this one country, the world’s 9th largest, travelers will find enormous mountains, deserts, steppes, canyons, lakes, and much, much more.  In the cities, one will find a mix of modern and contemporary architecture mixed with the brutalism of its Soviet past.  The people of Kazakhstan range from so many unique ethnicities, cultures, and traditions that travels there will leave you confused, and intrigued to return after you leave the country.  Kazakhstan is definitely going to boom with tourism soon… and deservingly so.  It is definitely my pick for a unique destination in 2018!


Whenever people ask us about our favorite places we’ve traveled, we struggle to narrow it down to a short, concise answer. But for adventure seekers with a passion for nature and wildlife, Rwanda offers a host of unique experiences, many of which are far off the mass tourism track. “The land of a thousand hills” is probably best known for the endangered mountain gorillas of Volcanoes National Park, which were made famous by late primatologist Dian Fossey (and the biopic of her life, Gorillas in the Mist). There are currently 10 habituated gorilla families open to tourist visits, so trekking permits are limited to a mere 80 per day.

Being surrounded by mamas, babies, and massive Silverback gorillas is definitely an experience you’ll never forget. But it’s hardly the country’s only wildlife-centered attraction. From tracking chimpanzees and several species of monkeys in Nyungwe Forest National Park to a more traditional Big 5 wildlife safari in Akagera National Park, Rwanda has numerous options for nature and wildlife lovers. And since the country is still emerging as an ecotourism hotspot, you’re almost certain to have some of these pristine attractions all to yourself!

Carretera Austral

Carretera Austral is a scenic road in the remote part of Chilean Patagonia. Everything that Chile has to offer can be found here – turquoise lakes, snow peaked mountains and countless glaciers.

The road starts in Puerto Montt and has a dead end in Villa O’Higgins. On 1247 km long gravel/paved roa, there are several little towns where you can base yourself while exploring the mountains. It is a popular place for local young Chileans who like to hitchhike along the road. It was also our first hitchhiking experience and where we fell in love with Patagonia. It is one of the few places in Patagonia where you can travel on a budget.

We spent two weeks on Carretera Austral and our favorite places included: Queulat National Park (pictured), Cerro Castillo and Villa O’Higgins for hiking, Coyhaique for mountain biking, Puerto Rio Tranquilo for visiting Marble Caves and glacier trekking. If you’d like to visit, read our Carretera Austral guide where you can find everything you need to know and more beautiful pictures of Chilean Patagonia.

Falkland Islands

There are so many fantastic reasons to visit the Falkland Islands, but there are a few main things that make it stand out as a unique destination to visit in 2018! Animal lovers will adore seeing baby king penguin chicks at Volunteer Point, watching elephant seals wrestling for mating rights on Sea Lion Island, or spotting the elusive reindeer on Weddell Island. Photographers will have uninterrupted canvases to capture, from serene shorelines to dramatic cliffs and war-torn landscapes.

Walkers can explore wild headlands, climb tussock-covered hills, and discover hidden beaches. And outdoor adventurists can scale the islands stone runs or take to the seas in search of passing whales. The Falklands are still very much an undiscovered gem in the South Atlantic Ocean, one of the only places in the world where you can still roam without restriction – so long as you mind the ‘country code’. I’d recommend it to anyone in search of intrepid exploration, or simply wanting to get off the grid for a while.

Western Australia

There’s something special about Western Australia. It’s Australia’s biggest state, yet possibly its most overlooked – with many travelers favoring the Queensland coast, the southern cities of Sydney and Melbourne, and the Red Center.

But Western Australia is a unique travel destination that’s well worth spending some time in. It’s home to some of Australia’s most spectacular national parks, such as Karijini and Kalbarri, it’s on the edge of the Ningaloo Reef – Australia’s other coral reef that arguably has more life than Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef – and is home to charming outback towns.

Road tripping around Western Australia will give you the amazing opportunity to relish in its natural beauty, see some incredible native wildlife and camp under the stars every single night – in Western Australia, shooting stars are pretty much a nightly occurrence!

If you don’t want to do an independent road trip, you can see the best of the state on an organized tour. There’s no public transport outside of the towns of Western Australia, which somewhat adds to the mystery and intrigue of this lesser-explored land.

Western Australia is still a relatively off the beaten path place, but news of its breath-taking beauty is traveling fast – so be sure to get there in 2018 before the rest of the world!


Majestic waterfalls, beautiful canyons, colorful cities, jaw-dropping ruins: these are just a few of the reasons to visit Chiapas. The state of Chiapas, Mexico is often overlooked by tourists coming to the country, but this southern state offers unique experiences at rock bottom prices, all taking place in an incredibly gorgeous location.

During our time in Chiapas (we based ourselves in the largest city, San Cristobal de las Casas), we went horseback riding through the countryside, visited the most unique house of worship we’ve ever seen, took a boat cruise through a dramatic canyon, hiked to waterfalls, and visited what have become our favorite ruins in Mexico, the city of Palenque. The running cost of a day trip to any (or even several) of these places in Chiapas? $10-20 USD/person.

After sustaining damage in a powerful earthquake in the fall of 2017, the people of Chiapas need your tourism dollars now more than ever. Chiapas is open for business again, and would love to welcome you with open arms to experience all it has to offer in 2018.